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How to Take Screenshot on Mac

Hello guys, today we will talk about How to Take Screenshots On Your Mac. If you are New Mac User then you need to know that How to take screengrabs or captures on any Mac devices. So just stay tuned because we are start discussing about How to screenshot on macbook air & Other Mac devices.

Take Screenshot on Mac
Capture ScreenShot on Mac

If you are new to Mac & Don't know How to take a screenshots in Mac, if you are searching for the best way to take a captures. So you are landed at right place. Accroding to Mac Tech  It's very easy to take a screenshot on a Mac. Believe me. You can easily Capture a Screen Shot on Mac even as a new Mac User. Many people call it in varioud name. screengrab or screen capture or Print screen whatever you call it, MacTech show You how to capture a screenshot of any types Mac's display, how to paste screenshot on mac, video screen capture mac, how to print on mac, paste a screenshot on a mac into an email and many more.

How To Take Screenshots On Your Mac

Taking a mac screenshot is far easier than a Windows PC. In this article we explain the best methods to take a screenshots with lots more options available on Mac. So lets start.

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Basic Way to Screenshots the Whole Screen On Mac

Firstly we are started our journey with basic way to take a screenshot on mac for the whole screen. Its very easy.
  1. Just hold down Cmd (placed both side beside space bar) and Shift together and then press 3

  2. Screenshot appears on your Mac as a .png file.

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How to Screenshots Specific part of the Mac screen

Many people & Many taste. So you may one of those who don't want to take screenshot the whole screen. You just want to take a screengrab of a particular part of Your Mac display. So to do so just follow below words.
  1. You need to Just Hold down Cmd Shift, then press 4.

  2. Crossbox appear in the place of your cursor. Many people called it crosshairs.

  3. Click the left button in mouse and drag the crossbox across the screen to select your screenshot area.

  4. Screenshot appears on your desktop as a .png file.

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So guys, its the all about you want to know to take a screenshots on Mac. Now you know how to paste screenshot on mac. And also How to take a screenshot on a macbook pro. If you want to know more that where do screenshots go on mac, how to paste a screenshot on a mac into an email, or how to copy paste a screenshot etc then plzz stay your eyes open in our Mac Tech, we will deliver more cool tips about Mac Screenshots.

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