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How to Personalize Your Mac 2018

Hello Guys, today I wanna tell you the first experience on Mac. Read this carefully it helps to personalize your mac when you bought it for the first time. You could use your Mac for serious work. However, occasionally it’s an excellent thing to add a touch of whimsy to it. here are some brief suggestions for personalizing your Mac laptop and making it a bit more fun to use.

When I first switched over to Mac OS X, I was also puzzled at the apparent lack of customizability. Coming from Windows 10, I was used to the ability to visually customize everything at the expense of speed and stability.

personalize your mac today 2018

Personalize Your Mac in Easy Steps (For Beginners) :

The native OS X customization options are deliberately limited. Here's what you can do:

  1. Change the wallpaper, or even have it automatically change periodically (System Preferences → Desktop and Screensaver → Desktop)
  2. Change the dock position, appearance and behavior
    (System Preferences → Dock)
  3. Change the system's default sound, the noise it makes when it notifies you of something like an event or tells you that you can't perform an action (System Preferences → Sounds)
  4. Multiple Desktops: if you go to Mission Control, you'll notice that you'll have options to switch desktops or even add new ones (+ icon in the top corner). This functionality is borrowed from Linux and allows you to customize multiple spaces as work areas for different purposes. For example, you could use one for work and another for leisure.
  5. Alter the accent colors of the system: the highlight color can be changed to any color if you select "other" in the colors dropdown (System Preferences → General)

How to Personalize Folders on Mac :

You can personalize your Mac by mixing the file and folder names with emoji. Emoji are small graphics that work like fonts. Nowadays Emoji is popular on social media. You might see these little faces, animals, and other images pop up in text messages or tweets. But you may not realize that you can use them in your file and folder names too.

To change an item’s name and add an emoji character, select a file or folder in the Finder, and then press Return or Enter. This action will highlight the item’s name. Next, choose Edit > Special Characters, or press Command-Control-Space. You’ll see a pop-up palette; click any of the icons at the bottom. The clock icon shows characters you’ve recently used; the others sort special characters—including emoji—by category. So easy to do it.

How to Personalize icon on Mac :

In Mac Mail app, you can apply fun or elegant templates. Even you can include your own photos to give your mail a custom look.
To set up new keyboard shortcuts, follow these brief step -
  • Click on "Apple" Menu.
  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click on application shortcuts in the left menu.
  • Then use the + button to add a new Mac mail app shortcuts.

How to Customize screen saver on Mac :

want to know - how do you put a picture as your screensaver on a Mac? then this is for you. Follow these easy steps -
  • Click on "Apple" Menu.
  • Choose System Preferences.
  • Then Click Desktop & Screensaver.
  • Click The ScreenSaver tab.
  • Screensavers now appear on left side of the window.
  • choose your favorite one from the preview and click a screensaver to select it.
Hope you loved the article. This will help us to set up your mac for the first time. Personalize your apple mac book after own it. share this article as much  you can. thanks guys.

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