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How To Use Instagram On Mac 2018

Hello guys we are back again with a new topic: How to Use Instagram on Mac. Many people facing difficulty in using Instagram when they are on MacOs. So we are here to discuss how to upload photos and videos to Instagram from your Mac.
Now-a-days we are all well known to Instagram, the ever popular social app that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends, family and followers. Instagram is mostly mobile-friendly. Instagram can be surf on any device. But when its comes to talk about uploading picture or videos, we have to use mobile or tablet. Because instagram lack desktop experience. Using Instagram on Mac, there’s no option for you to upload photos or watch Instagram stories. But don't worry i have a trick that you could use instagram on Mac. You will have full control in it. You can upload photos and videos on Mac.

Upload Photos or Videos to Instagram on a Mac

Instagram is mainly designed to be used on a mobile device, because Instagram doesn’t want you uploading professionally edited photos from your computer. This social app was designed to have you share instant non edited photos and video clips of your everyday life. But when you're on iPhone's safari you can see camera button to upload photos and videos. So that is the trick. Let's it explain.

How to Use Instagram on Mac using Safari

  1. First of all, Open Safari >> Preferences >> Advanced.
  2. Now check Show Develop menu in menu bar which located at the bottom.
  3. Now goto Instagram website and log in to your account.
  4. Then select Develop >> User Agent >> Safari >> iOS 10 >> iPhone. That's it.
  5. Now manually refresh Instagram website
  6. It will display the mobile version of the site which has complete upload functionality.
  7. Select the Camera icon, browse for the image you'd like to upload and select Choose.

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